When trying to save, it is easy to go a little overboard. Sometimes, being too hesitant to spend leaves you even more broke than when you started. While it is important to be frugal, it is even more important to emphasize value. the idea isn’t just to spend as little as possible, it is to get the most value out of your money. This means knowing things worth spending your money on, and going for quality when the need arises. This can not only make your life better, but it can still increase your financial security. Spending a little extra on these items will save you some costly emergencies in the future.

Nutrition and Fitness

You only get one body, and you need to treat yours right. This means buying quality ingredients, and some tools to cook at home. Going out isn’t some cardinal sin of frugality, but it can put a damper on your finances and your health. Make sure you always have the ability to make something delicious and nutritious, and you’re never stuck going out because you have nothing at home. Also, get yourself a gym membership. Working out outside works if you’re on a really tight budget, but having somewhere to go and work on yourself is the best way to do it.


Having even the most basic tools handy can go a long way. Not only do they save you money on routine car and home repairs, but they can make sure these repairs actually get done. No more waiting until the very last minute to get your oil changed, fearing a big bill. You’ll have the tools, and the know-how, to get it done cheaply on your own.


Sleep is such a massive part of your life. Not only do you spend almost one third of your life doing it, it also sets the tone for everything else you do. Your energy level, your mental health, and even your metabolism rely on getting quality sleep. You will be far less productive if you are stuck on that old spring slab you’ve been working with lately. Spend a little on a decent bed-in-a-box mattress online if you have to, and you’ll at least get a reasonably comfortable mattress for a great price.


Back to the old “you only get one body” subject; make sure you are getting regular check-ups at your doctor’s office. Take whatever health insurance you can get, or pay out of pocket. Either way, you should at least get a routine physical once a year to ensure you are in good health. The insurance will also save your butt in an emergency, so don’t consider it wasted money. even healthy people get injured, after all.


Living life without proper vision can lead to many issues. You can end up in a car accident, get stuck with headaches, or experience chronic eye strain if you work with a computer. If you feel you might need glasses, or your prescription may be a little outdated, get yourself a new pair.

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