5 Companies That May Benefit From Metaverse

Ever since Facebook rebranded to Meta and announced its plans for the future, everyone’s been talking about the metaverse. Many experts believe the metaverse could be the next frontier of the internet. It will be a 3D digital world where we can shop, socialize, and work. Although we have virtual reality technology today like Oculus headsets, the metaverse is going to take things to the next level and make augmented reality even more immersive. 

The metaverse space is in its infancy. This gives investors a unique opportunity to get in on the ground level. Here’s a list of companies that may benefit from metaverse to help you decide which stocks to add to your portfolio.

5 Companies That May Benefit From Metaverse 


Experts believe Microsoft may be the company that’s best positioned to benefit from the metaverse. Microsoft has almost all of the technologies it needs to build a metaverse platform, such as Azure cloud-computing services and HoloLens smart glasses. Office365 and LinkedIn could also be integrated into the metaverse, allowing for advanced professional collaboration. 


Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is another leader in the metaverse space. The company is developing tech like smart glasses and augmented reality software to bring their virtual reality vision to life. They reportedly have plans to monetize the metaverse through personalized advertising and selling digital products. So if you believe augmented reality is going to be the next big thing, Meta stock could be a good investment. 


Experts think Adobe will also benefit from virtual reality if it becomes mainstream. Adobe’s suite of Creative Cloud tools can be used to create 3D digital experiences. So the company could become an integral part of the metaverse in the future. 


Roblox is a popular online gaming platform with nearly 50 million average daily users. It allows users to create custom avatars and 3D experiences. It’s probably the closest thing to the metaverse in existence today.

The platform has its own currency called Robux. It has a network of independent developers who earn money by creating games and experiences on the platform. Roblox has also hosted concerts featuring popular musicians like Lil Nas X and Twenty One Pilots. The NFL even created a store on the platform that sells team jerseys for avatars.

Roblox is a shining example of what the metaverse could be. The company will likely benefit from the increased interest in virtual reality, so its stock could be a good investment. 


Another company to watch out for is Unity. The company created a software platform that can be used to generate 3D content for smartphones, VR devices, and more. Unity is already a key player in the gaming space. Around 70% of the top 1,000 mobile games were created on the platform. The company is poised to grow even more as metaverse technology advances. 

What do you think of the metaverse? Will it be the next big thing or fizzle out? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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