Father’s Day is coming up in a few weeks. Like almost everyone else, I’m cautious with my spending right now. However, I don’t want to let the day pass unnoticed. It’s important to me to feel connected with my loved ones right now. Gifts are one of many ways to do that. Therefore, I’m thinking about inexpensive Father’s Day presents that I can put together myself.

1. Heartfelt Handwritten Letter

I realize that things like this can come off as cheesy suggestions. However, every single time that I’ve written a heartfelt letter to someone, they’ve treasured it. Every time that I’ve received a letter – or even a meaningful brief card – I’ve treasured it.

Therefore, cheesy or not, this is one of my go-to gifts when I don’t want to spend money. It costs the price of postage and the time to write it. Investing that time is what makes it so personal and touching. Honestly, this is probably my top choice among the inexpensive Father’s Day presents I’m considering this year.

2. Single Framed Photo

I love to give photo gifts to people. I think that they capture so much. Often, I make elaborate scrapbooks. For example, after a family trip, I’ll typically make scrapbooks for everyone. They include photos as well as quotes we said, tickets to things we went to, and so forth.

However, you don’t have to create such an elaborate scrapbook to have a good photo gift. Sometimes I’ll simply choose a really great photo, one that evokes a specific shared memory, and print that out as a gift. I’ll frame it or I’ll have it printed on canvas to make it a little bit more special than a simple print. By using an affordable frame and/or promo code discounts on photo gift printing, I’m able to spend very little while creating something meaningful.

If I decide to choose this from among the inexpensive Father’s Day presents that I’m considering, then I’ll probably use a photo from my dad’s visit here a couple of years ago.

3. A Song or Poem

My dad and I both enjoy writing. We have extremely different writing styles but we respect each other’s work. It might be fun to try to write a song or poem in his style for a change. Or to write a poetic response to something he’s written in the past.

4. Shared Journal with First Entry Complete

Years ago my siblings and I had a shared journal. I would write an entry, then mail the journal to one of them. They would write an entry and pass it along to the other. It might be fun to start something like this with my dad. It’s something that we could keep doing all year long. I have a bunch of blanket journals here already, so I wouldn’t have to spend anything on that. I could create the first entry and pop that in the mail before Father’s Day.

5. FaceTime Phone Call

This feels a little bit like a copout. It’s “just a phone call” after all. However, all too often, I don’t give quality time and attention to family phone calls. I try. But I get distracted during the call. Or I feel emotional or reactive or something less than idea. A really good phone call where I’m totally focused on making the other person’s day can be a really powerful thing. I have a feeling my dad would be quite content with this choice if it’s the route that I decide to go. After all, presence is the most powerful present of all.

What are you doing for Father’s Day this year?

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