With school starting, it means new expenses for a lot of you. Especially considering the pandemic shrinking wallets nationally, education costs can cause a lot of stress. Not only that, but student loans are some of the most common forms of  debt acquired by young people. Debt and stress suck, and they make life far less enjoyable. So, it is important to know how to ease the load by working on the side! So, here are 10 ways to make money while going to school full time.

1. House Cleaning

One of the higher-paying independent gigs for newbies is house cleaning. Many house cleaners can easily land $25/hour, and landing a couple jobs over the weekend can add up quite a bit. You set your own schedule, pick clients you are comfortable with, and you help pay a few bills on the way. Just post adds on sites like Craigslist, and you can start to field offers and negotiate pay.

2. Landscaping/Mowing

If you live in an area that sees a lot of rain, odds are you have many neighbors with overgrown landscaping. While this seems a little cliche, it is a classic independent job for a reason– people will pay for it. So, walk your neighborhood and see who’s hiring!

3. Personal Shopping

While this one is dwindling a bit in popularity given the online retail boom, there are still people that value personal shoppers. If you are interested in fashion, or just good at finding deals, try posting an ad and seeing if there is interest. Pay is all over the place, but you can usually ask for a flat fee or a percentage of the cart.

4. Art and Design Gigs

If you have any artistic talents, sites like Fiverr are great for getting your work out there. This is a great opportunity to grow a portfolio and make money for school. You can add tiers of service, and make sure that you are always getting paid enough for work you commission. With a great rating and sharing system, word of mouth can actually get you pretty busy.

5. Voice Over

There are many small projects that you can dip your feet in when it comes to voice acting. As far as remote opportunities go, it will usually be more independent projects. Fiverr works here too, but it is a better idea to look around voice over forums and find a few job boards that stay active.

6. Dog Walking

Apps like Wag! have made dog walking a much easier gig to start. All you have to do is make a profile, perform a couple of verification steps, and then you can look for jobs! If you love dogs, but maybe can’t own one in your dorm or apartment, this is perfect for you.

7. Pet Sitting

On the same app, you can even do home stays over the weekend and pet sit. These usually bring more money, and you get to enjoy the animals for a longer period of time.

8. Amazon Flex

The Amazon Flex program makes you an Amazon delivery driver. If you are in an area they are recruiting, you can pick some time slots and a block to deliver packages to for $18-25 per hour! That is a great wage for independent work, and it is pretty simple to get done. Overall, a pretty reliable way to make money while going to school.

9. Food Delivery

There are plenty of food delivery apps around for you to pick from, and they all pay a similar amount. Basically, you pick orders to deliver from the restaurant to the customer. The faster and more efficient you are, the more you can make!

10. Rideshare

Uber and Lyft are the dominant players in ridesharing, and you can make a decent chunk of change doing it. If you have a car that qualifies, you just need to apply on their websites and get through verification, and you can become a part-time cab driver (kinda).

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