Preventive Health Checkup Saves Money

It’s really easy to put off going to the doctor. After all, you’re rarely excited to go spend time there. Therefore, it’s easy to think of plenty of other things you would rather do. If you’re feeling healthy and well, then it’s even easier to put off those appointments. However, there are a lot of good reasons to get regular checkups with your medical professionals. A preventive health checkup saves you money. More importantly, it can save your life.

10 Reasons Preventive Health Care Saves Money

The most important reason to keep your regular doctor checkups is because it lets you catch problems when they’re still small. Therefore, you can more easily correct issues. This can be lifesaving. Preventive health screening for heart attacks, cancer, stroke, diabetes and other major diseases can save your life.

So, that’s the big reason to keep those appointments. But it’s also important to recognize that a preventive health checkup saves money in a variety of different ways.

1. Treatment is Less Costly When Problems Are Caught Early

Catching health issues early saves both lives and money. Nearly all treatments are significantly easier, less invasive, and less costly if you catch a health problem early on. The worse the problem gets, the more it invades your body. Therefore, the harder treatment is. Thus, the more it costs. Catching problems early makes it easier to treat them. This is better for your health and it’s better for your bank account, too.

2. Developing Rapport with a Doctor Helps You Make Good Decisions

If you keep those regular appointments with the same doctor year in and year out, then you really get to know them. This allows you to develop rapport. In other words, you trust each other. Having a good working relationship with your doctor makes it easier to discuss any type of issues that arise. You’re better able to make the decisions that are right for your health. Your doctor is able to understand your varied situations, including financial concerns. The more comfortable you feel discussing all things with your doctor, the more likely it is you’ll be able to work together to improve your health while saving you money.

3. You’ll Have Time to Research Different Options

If you wait until you’re already in a lot of pain before you see a doctor, then you’re going to feel desperate for an immediate solution. As a result, you might grab the first option you’re offered, no matter the cost. In contrast, a preventive health checkup saves you money by giving you time to consider all treatment options. You’ll know in advance whether a small issue might require greater care down the road. Therefore, you can compare treatment options, shop around for better rates for some treatments, etc.

4. Chances Are You’ll Develop a Healthier Lifestyle

If you know that you’re going to see your doctor on a regular basis then you’re probably going to implement those good habits that you know they’re going to ask you about. This goes for all medical professionals including therapists and dentists. For example, when I started making dental cleaning appointments every three months instead of every six months, I became much more consistent with twice daily flossing.

How does this save money? Obviously, the healthier you are the less you’ll spend on medication and other expensive treatments. But additionally, healthy choices sometimes also save you money. For example, switching from an expensive diet of processed food, soda and takeout to one rich in fresh produce and water might reduce your grocery bill. In this way, a preventive health checkup saves money.

One of the best money-savers in preventive health care is that a lot of people take the advice to stop smoking. Reducing your vices to improve your health helps saves you money.

5. You’ll Help Keep Health Care Costs Down at Work

Research indicates that preventive healthcare improves workplace productivity. Therefore, many employers offer incentives in order to keep up your preventive health checkups and routines. Plus, if you’re someone whose health issues might prevent them from regular work, those checkups are vital in getting you back to a steady income. This, preventive health care can help you to miss less work, earn more money, and take advantage of employer health incentives.

6. You Might Get Better Health Insurance Rates

Depending on your health insurance, you might be able to receive better rates when you commit to preventive health care. After all, your health insurance company doesn’t want to pay out large sums for people who are in terrible health. Instead, they are happy to pay small sums for you to keep your health issues under control. Check with your personal health insurance to find out if preventive health care can save you money on your premiums, deductibles, and/or co-pays.

7. You Might Improve Health Insurance Rates For All

The more people who engage in better preventive health, the better off everyone in society is. The costs of supporting those who can’t work due to illness can be very high. If more people work to support preventive health measures, overall health can rise. Working together in community, this has the potential to lead to better health insurance rates for larger groups, not just individuals.

8. Preventive Health Checkup Saves Money on Life Insurance

Are you looking into getting life insurance? If so then you might want to visit the doctor first. Oftentimes your health directly affects your life insurance rates. Preventive health care improves your health. Plus it can show the life insurance company that you take care of yourself. As a result, you might get better life insurance rates.

9. Better Able to Set and Meet Goals

Taking care of your health improves the rest of your life. Preventive health care, including preventive mental health care, can help you optimize your wellbeing. As a result, you’ll have the energy and drive to pursue the things that mean the most to you. As you better set and meet your goals, you can improve your financial situation. You can pay down debt and increase savings as you move that energy towards higher levels of success.

10. You Set A Healthy Stage for the Next Generation

Making preventive care a priority in your life sets an example for the next generation. In the case of prenatal care and childhood preventive care, it also directly impacts your child’s health journey. As a result, you might find that the preventive care you do now saves money for the generations that came after you in your family. More importantly, it can significantly improve their quality of life.

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