Free Things to Do This Summer 2021

You’re probably itching to get out and do things this summer. After all, many of us spent a lot of time cooped up and nesting during COVID-19. Now that things have relaxed a little bit, you might want to get more active. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun this summer. Here are ten free things to do this summer 2021.

1. Everything Your Library Offers

I can’t exaggerate enough how much I love my local library. I’m lucky to live in San Francisco, which has an amazing library system. Their offerings go far beyond just books. However, even in small towns I’ve seen some amazing library activities and services. Therefore, start there when looking for free things to do this summer 2021.

Go to a local branch or check the website to see all of their events and activities. Just a few of the things they might offer include:

  • Book readings and other talks
  • Multi-media presentations and performances
  • Online and physical rental of books, movies, music, games, and more
  • Lessons: in craft, computers, cooking, and so much more
  • Educational tours, sometimes around town
  • Summer camp activities for kids

2. Read Every Day

One of the summer challenges that libraries often suggest is a reading challenge. You might even find that your library gives rewards for logging you’re reading. (Yes, even for adults. San Francisco’s Summer Stride 2021 is one example.) Whether or not you do it through the library, though, make it a point to read every day. It’s a great way to start a day, end an evening or take a break each afternoon. You might have reading hour in your house when everyone puts the devices away and just reads quietly. This is one of those free things to do this summer 2021 that can actually build lifelong good habits.

3. Visit Every Park In Your Area

Do some research to learn about the different parks in your town, city, or region. Then make it a point to visit each and every one of them this summer. You might want to rank them. Alternatively, you might want to name the best thing you like about each of them. Another idea is to take a photo at each one to create a scrapbook. From the tiniest park to the largest, there’s always something to see if you look closely enough. You just might discover magic right in your own backyard.

4. Host a “What’s In The Pantry” Potluck Party

Hosting a party doesn’t have to cost any money. Make it a low-key afternoon potluck. Invite everyone to bring something that’s already in their fridge or pantry. Pull out some of the stuff that you have. Then let that be enough. So often we think that we have to get elaborate if we want to invite people over to our homes. However, that’s not the case at all. The company matters far more than the snacks.

5. Dig the Balls, Bikes, and Kites Out of the Garage

What equipment do you have sitting around your house that you haven’t used in awhile? Put it to use this summer. Got a bike that just needs to be pumped up? Get it ready for a ride? Have a science kit, kite, or drone that you’ve always planned to use but never gotten around to. Summer is a great time to declutter your house. As you do, use the things that you haven’t used, yet. If you see some things that you’re still not going to use, then donate them. Let someone else make use of them this summer.

6. Visit Your Local Landmarks

I went to go visit my sister in Brevard, North Carolina, recently. Her neighborhood has started a local signage project to honor the Black history of the area. We walked around, reading the plaques, learning about the history of the region. It was something we just happened to stumble upon. However, pretty much every town has self-guided walking tours and opportunities to visit local landmarks at no cost. These are some of the best free things to do this summer 2021. It’s a great way to learn about your area’s history. This helps you connect to your community in a new way.

7. Free Outdoor Movies, Plays, and Concerts

There are so many free entertainment options each summer. In Ashland, Ohio, we used to go to this tiny park where we would some of the best musical performances ever at no charge. I’ve been to Shakespeare-in-the-Park in several cities. There are small concerts and large ones, outdoor movie screens, street fairs, and so many other opportunities to mingle with creative people at no cost. Pack yourself a picnic dinner.

8. Go Window Shopping

If you enjoy people watching then a day spent window shopping might be for you. First, you get the chance to observe all of the people around you. Second, you get to see all of the random different things for sale. Of course, this only works if you’re the type of person who can pass up buying things. I enjoy just looking – at everything from flea markets to fancy stores. So this works for me. I like to pick a certain neighborhood each month to browse. Does this option work for you?

9. Volunteer

Research shows that when you help others, you feel better yourself. Therefore, volunteering is as good for you as for the people you’re helping. Find a cause that you care about. Offer to get involved and help. This is a terrific way to spend a summer without spending any money.

10. Staycation

Hang in there with me for a moment. Some people are quick to say that the last thing they want to do this summer is stay home. I get it; COVID-19 made people feel really cooped up. However, there were a lot of good times that came out of those days stuck inside with just your family. Did you make pillow forts? Cook dinner together? Perhaps you went on long evening walks? Maybe you played a lot of board games and made a lot of puzzles. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Take a week off together and stay home, doing just the things you actually like about being home alone together. You just might find these are the best free things to do this summer 2021 after all.

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