Companies That Send Out Free Coupons

Using coupons is free and can save you an average of $30 to $50 per week. That’s an extra $1,560 to $2,600 per year you can invest or put toward debt. So if you don’t currently clip coupons, you should definitely start. 

The Sunday newspaper and grocery circulars are decent places to look for coupons. But you’ll usually save the most money by contacting companies that send out free coupons in the mail. Believe it or not, many big brands like Chobani and Crayola will give you a big stack of high value coupons with long redemption windows if you ask for them. 

Here are ten companies that are known to give coupons and free product vouchers to loyal customers on request. 

SC Johnson

SC Johnson owns over a dozen popular brands including Glade, Ziploc, Scrubbing Bubbles, and Windex. So if you want to save on cleaning supplies and other household essentials, then fill out their contact form and request some coupons. They’re usually pretty generous—one blogger received a stack of a dozen $1 off coupons for various SC Johnson brands like Off! and Shout, plus $2 off any product from Kiwi. 


Unilever owns 400 brands including Hellman’s, Lipton, Dove, Klondike, and Ben and Jerry’s. Just like SC Johnson, they might send you a dozen $1 off coupons if you reach out and tell them how much you love their products.

Horizon Organic

Organic products are better for your family, but buying them can get expensive. Luckily Horizon Organic will send you some coupons to offset the cost of their delicious, healthy dairy products if you ask.


If you have a sweet tooth and love Hostess desserts like twinkies and donettes, then you’ll be happy to know they’re one of the companies that send out free coupons in the mail. They’ve been known to give coupons and vouchers for free products to their loyal customers on request.

Hot Pockets

Sadly Hot Pockets doesn’t issue coupons very often. But they may send you some if you email them and tell them that you’re a big fan of their products.


School supplies aren’t cheap, especially if you have multiple kids you need to shop for. Before you stock up on crayons and art supplies, ask Crayola if they’d be willing to send you some coupons.


Chobani sells delicious coffee drinks, Greek yogurt, non-dairy creamers, and more. If you ask them for a discount, they might send you coupons or even a voucher for a free product.


If you have a big family that goes through toilet paper fast, ask Cottonelle for a discount. They often send out $2 off coupons to customers on request.

King’s Hawaiian

Another one of the companies that send out free coupons is King’s Hawaiian. They usually send a couple $1 off coupons alongside a handwritten note and some helpful recipe cards.

Mrs. T’s

If you tell Mrs. T’s how much you enjoy their pierogies, they might send you a couple coupons, a voucher for a free product, and some cute stickers.

Although it takes some work to email companies individually and ask for coupons, it might just pay off. Some companies will not only give you coupons, but also vouchers for free products and company swag like stickers. So if you want to save a lot of money on your grocery bill, start emailing your favorite companies and ask them for discounts.

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